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The Bad Beta - A Climbing Podcast

Dec 1, 2017

On today's episode we reveal the 2 winners of the Sublime Climbing brush contest!

We start the conversion off with the latest news in Big Brother, before discussing ideas for a new climbing based 90's era sitcom. A quick table read shows us that we still have a lot of kinks to iron out for a script.

The conversation...

Oct 13, 2017

We know it's been a while but... the weather has been really good, and we know a couple climbers with a sail boat. In today's episode we found ourselves on location at a campground near Lions Head, Ontario, during a climbing trip. We recorded on a wet morning before going out climbing, in front of a live studio audience...

Aug 31, 2017

Sorry for the delay, we have been out climbing. In today's episode we talk about the code of conduct for climbers, forged long ago by the great Bodhi from Point Break. Can we all agree that there's no reason to shout encouragement up at a climber? Imagine hearing "C'mon, yeah, c'mon, fight, don't give up,...

Jul 24, 2017

To everyone who suggested we try and stay on topic, we're sorry in advance!

Today on the show we talk about climbing festivals, specifically the Beaver Valley Climbing Festival here in Ontario, Canada.

We talk about the motivation to put up new routes, as well as how and why routes get 'chopped'.

Anna talks about the...

Jun 23, 2017

Episode 4!

Today on the show we have a special guest (our friend Dustin), who provides insights into the struggle of trying to find a partner who is also a climber, in a world where male climbers still outnumber females by what feels like 100 to 1.

We may have accidentally come up with a new dating App called 'Bouldr',...